About me

Time has a way of slipping through your fingers. As I reflect back on the moments of my life, I surely wish I would have captured more photographs. My children aren't "babies" anymore. How I remember the difficult photography sessions of trying to get us all smiling in a picture! That's when I turned my hobby into a profession. A few years ago, a sweet neighbor paid for me to attend a photography class with her. The rest is history. I am strong believer in self-improvement and staying teachable. With the wealth of knowledge available to us, we can truly educate ourselves on any subject matter. These are principles I live by, model and teach in my day job as a second grade teacher. Session by session I learned more and more about photography. I learned my strengths of working with children (it's more like my call in life) and even pushed myself out of my comfort zone into weddings. Each session is personal to me. I like to get to know each of my clients on a friend-to-friend basis. The teacher in me can take charge of the largest families (and weddings) while the humble (Christ in me) side can reach even the quietest child. It's been a wonderful and exciting journey in the photography world. I appreciate all of my clients deeply for trusting me to capture these moments in life. I have many photographer friends that have mentored and inspired me. My style of natural posing in natural light is my signature. I can recommend a few local photographer friends if you are looking for a different style. My contact information is cindysandersphotography@gmail.com or you can message me on FB Cindy Sanders Photography. Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider me. Remember take the pictures! Don't wait for the perfect moment. The moment is NOW!

*picture contains Sissy (like my daughter) and me*